Senior Discount for Cell Phone Plans

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It’s never too late to save money on your cell phone bills.

If you’re over the age of 55, then you may be eligible for a senior discount on your current plan or a new one.

Chances are there is definitely an option out there for you!

We’ve compiled some of the best options for phone plans for seniors available below so that it can be easier for you to decide which one will work best for your needs.

Which Cell Phone Plans have a Senior Discount?

Many of the top carries have money-saving options for their senior customers.

Top carriers like Verizon and AT&T and many others offer great deals for people age 50+. Check out the full list below and click through to learn more about the details of each plan.

AT&TRates starting at $29.99 on certain Senior planwith AARP Membership
Consumer CellularPlans starting at $15/mont. 30% off on accessorieswith AARP Membership
GrandPad5% offwith AARP Membership
Greatcall$14.99/monthAges 55+
Jitterbug$60 off per yearwith AARP Membership
Metro PCS5% offwith AARP Membership
SprintDiscounted PlansAges 55+
T-MobileRates starting at $27.50 per lineAges 55+
Verizon WirelessPlans starting at $60 and $40 per lineAges 55+

How Old do You Need to Be to Qualify for a Senior Cell Phone Discount?

Age requirements may vary slightly from carrier to carrier, but in general , the age range to qualify is at least 50-65 years old.

Other requirements may include:

  • AARP Membership.
  • Enrollment in certain government assistance programs.
  • Income thresholds.
  • Plan or phone restrictions.

How to Apply for a Senior Phone Plan Discount

Applying for the discount is fairly straightforward.

Check with the specific carrier to find out how.

In general, you’ll need identification and copies of any other necessary documents that prove eligibility (like proof of membership in the AARP or enrollment in a government assistance program).

And then there are some carriers that don’t require any additional documentation at all aside from proof of age.

To find even more savings, check out the full list of senior discounts.