Regal Cinemas Senior Discount – Age Requirements & Details

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Regal Cinemas is a great destination for family movie night, and with the senior discount it can be even more affordable!

To take advantage of this program, you will need to meet certain age requirements.

If you are not yet eligible for the senior discount, but still want some ways to save money at Regal Cinemas, continue reading below!

How much is the senior discount at Regal Cinemas?

Qualifying seniors may be eligible to save up to 20% on their movie tickets.

What age is the Regal Cinemas senior discount? 

At participating locations, you’ll need to be at least 60 years old and hold an AARP card to qualify.

When is the Regal Cinemas senior discount day? 

This discount is typically available every day of the week.

Learn more about the details and eligibility requirements, and find locations near you at:

More Ways to Save Money at Regal Cinemas

The senior ticket prices aren’t the only way to save at the movies. Check out some of these other tips for saving when you visit a Regal Movie Theater.

Go online to check out their current deals and promotions.

Join the Regal Club for deals like:

Bonus rewards when you buy tickets and concessions.

  • 25% off candy on Mondays.
  • 50% off popcorn on Tuesdays.
  • Extra credit rewards on Wednesdays.

You can also catch a matinee to save on regular admission.

With movie tickets more expensive today than ever before, it’s nice to be able to save money and find deals where you can.

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