Senior Discounts for Airlines

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Senior discount for airlines has been a great way for older customers to save money on travel in recent years.

Many airlines offer discounts for their customers that are over the age of 50.

Which airlines give senior discounts? How much can you save with the airline’s senior discount? What is the age requirement? We answer these questions and more in this article!

Check out the list of airlines that give senior discounts and start saving when you plan your next trip.

What Airlines Offer Senior Discounts?

You’ve got options when it comes to saving money on your plan ticket. Many of the top airlines offer discounts for older travels. Some of our favorites include: American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Delta, Frontier Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and JetBlue.

Check out the full list below to find the details for each airline.

American AirlinesDiscounted FaresAges 65+
British Airways$65-$200 discountwith AARP Membership
Delta AirlinesDiscounted FaresAges 65+
One TravelDiscounted RatesAges 55+
ParkRideFlyUSA12% offwith AARP Membership
Southwest AirlinesVariable DiscountsAges 65+
United AirlinesDiscounted FaresAges 65+
Vacations To GoDiscounted RatesAges 55+

What is the Age for a Senior Discount on Most Airlines?

The age limit for a discount for seniors on most airlines can range from ages 50 to 75.

Some airlines may have additional eligibility requirements, such as:

  • AARP Membership.
  • Seating requirements.
  • Limited to specific destinations.

How Much Can You Save?

Savings depend on the airline and the type of ticket you have purchased, but some are as much as 50%. This means that a flight costing $300 would only cost $150 if you were over age 60!

Discounts may vary from airline to airline depending on the time of year, your destination, and other factors.

Be sure to check with your airline before booking to get the most savings.

If you’re planning a vacation of visiting friends or family in another state, saving on your flights is a great way to get the most out of your trip.

To find even more savings, check out the full list of senior discounts.